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<3 <3 :)
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Hey! :) Have a nice weekend :) This is my new lyrics video youtube up :)
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Wonderful summer eve's.


Summer eves have come back again this night,
With all these disco lights shining so bright.
All these powerful feelings being flamed up,
Playful thoughts following with summer times.
Taking all of these souls with them tonight,
These deep hot feelings so wonderful, so right.
With that you can achieve all these amazing things,
But they are bringing along all these devilish ways.

1. Once again summer eves are shining our ways,
Their own bright colors getting all these trails.
Making our way to these hot places together,
Where nothing else is holding us back forever.

2. Again these summer rhythms and melodies are taking,
Taking us to these mystical summer days in making.
Where every lonely soul is feeling together,
Drowning in these waves so deep, so clever.

3. Once again these warm days have arrived,
Opening the last doors to our souls that survived.
And so tempting with these passions within,
Appealing in their own ways, with a perfect grin.

4. Getting stuck again in these summer nights,
All hardships disappearing into dark sights.
Creating new rhythyms and times along with it,
Taking away from soul, the chains of past within.

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