Was geschieht gerade?

07.09.2017 20:04
Haffer und Võrr23 sind nun Freunde.
Lumehelbeke- schrieb am 19.01.2018 19:05
2 x <3
borboleta schrieb am 04.01.2018 19:51
<3 <3
DarkAngel-- schrieb am 04.01.2018 17:34
Have a nice evening and happy new year :) :kiss: :saint: :coffee: :flower:


My written new lyrics :)
Kindness guides us.

1. If somehow the spark of friendship is lost,
Then leaving shouldn't happen in any cost.
You should fight for the shimmer of joy, last hope,
Capture the happiness from love with a rope.

2. When the last sight of light has left from your life,
It might be time to start a new adventure so bright.
To win over darkness, to make it go away,
Creating a new melody inside to stay.

3. When the last glimmer of sound has left,
The sun of life has gone hiding like a theft.
You should leave everything dark behind,
Abandon it into the past from your mind.

4. If the devil wings have taken over your freedom,
And the feelings of loneliness are chasing you along.
Your new journey should now begin,
To open your heart to new opportunities within.


Because kindness is what guides you along,
Even then when the times seem way too hard.
Only the happiness and kindness will help you within.
Giving your hard life waves strength to begin.
Guiding you along the way to the right decisions.
Bringing you to the right happiness you vision.
Giving you the wings of freedom you searched for,
Which carry stronger in this life without a bore.


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