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02.10.2017 15:53
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11.08.2017 08:41
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DarkAngel-- schrieb am 02.10.2017 13:33
hello :) This is my new lyrics video. :) I hope you like it. :) Good listening and reading. :) Can you subscribe on youtube. :) I will be tahnkful. :) Have a nice day for you . :)
Merit (DjAngly)

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Kata62 schrieb am 28.09.2017 11:40
<3 <3
guydoo schrieb am 21.09.2017 12:35
I made a wish for you today,
a wish straight from my heart.
I didn't wish you riches, fame,
or fortune to impart,
But I did wish you the finer things
whose worth has no measure,
the type of things you'll value
more than wealth or treasure.
I wished you endless hope,
good health, and love,
and all the wonderful things in life
your heart is dreaming of.
I wished you lots of strength,
during times of trial and stress,
and inspiration to spark your soul
and bring you happiness.
greetings guy <3 <3


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